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Mot du Mois Octobre : Curfew

Curfew October 2020

Cartoon by Gymglish Definition A curfew: Restriction requiring people to stay in their homes at night. Etymology: From French: "Cover + fire," a warning to avoid accidental fires. Timeless advice. Translate Curfews in the news This month, selected European cities imposed curfews to limit the spread of COVID-19. The resolution is unpopular among youth, bar and restaurant patrons but a tremendous relief for introverts and owls. Translate Potential reasons to break curfew Human interaction: Overrated. All you need is a good mirror to chat with. Pets: "Yes officer, my ferret needs to be walked 8 times a day." Dating: So now we have to wear a condom and a mask? 2020 is truly terrible. Boredom: Why be bored when there's so much to panic about? Translate Pros and cons of curfew Pros: * Spend more time with your partner and children. * Cook for yourself and eat healthy. * More time to catch up on current events. Cons: All of the above. Translate If you like our style, try our courses for free. TRY FOR FREEThe Word of the Month is created by Gymglish, in partnership with


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