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Mot du Mois - Decembre 2020 "Jab"

Jab December 2020

Cartoon by Gymglish Definitions To jab: to pierce or poke with something sharp; (boxing) to punch with a short, quick blow. A (vaccine) jab (UK, informal): A hypodermic injection (US: a shot). Translate Jabs in the news This month, a British woman became the first person to receive a jab with a Coronavirus vaccine. Margaret Keenan, 90, later claimed the heroin was "a bit weak" for her taste. Translate Don’t confuse "jab" with: Jaw: the bone at the bottom of your face mask. To jabber: to talk rapidly about nothing. Essential for politicians. Jabba the Hutt: At 604 years old, this overweight Star Wars gangster is first in line for a COVID jab. Translate Alternatives to jab Prayer: Efficiency debatable, but compatible with most US healthcare plans. Eat your greens: A drastic measure. May boost your immune system though. Shots: While waiting for your jab, doctors recommend whiskey, viagra or morphine for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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