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« The Importance of Smaller Steps » 👇

🔶How long does it take to be bilingual?🔶

This is a question I get asked all the time, often by complete beginners.

The answer isn't simple, as each student learns at a different speed, and each student has their own learning objectives.

🎯 With me, each training course is custom made. and starts with a questionnaire, placement test, and a detailed discussion about your own goals.

Then, my job is to break down those objectives into small steps. Often, students expect to memorise grammar rules at school, but in professional trainin, this is not the same! 😅

🎯My objective is to teach skills that you need for your job, and how to use those skills effectively.

Write an email 💻 Do an interview in English 👨‍💼 Answer the telephone 📞 Manage a meeting ✍

Breaking down each skill into a step that can be evaluated, is much more benefical and realistic than the objective of "being bilingual".


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